How Quarantine Stretched Me.

Well, here I am, still at home.

But, I’m kind of liking it. With two teenagers in the house, life is never dull, and I’ve enjoyed the extra moments with my girls. I feel like I’ve caught up on 17 years of motherhood sleep deprivation over this past month and and half as well! I am blessed to have a hard working UPS driving husband serving on the front lines providing essential items to customers, and bringing home steady income for us. And, I know that is not the case for most.

As a yoga and wellness teacher, I’ve hesitated teaching on a virtual platform. Honestly, it seemed a bit overwhelming, and impersonal. But, when students began requesting studio length classes they could do at home, I started my research — Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo… Oh, what to do! I finally decided to start a YouTube Channel, converting audio meditations into video formatting, and filming yoga videos on my iPhone 6. Are they super professional? No. Are they good and useful? Yes. I’m happy with what I am creating, and the feedback has been positive. I hope to continue to LOVE, SERVE, and INSPIRE.

Enjoy these FREE resources for YOU, and please share the love with any friends into yoga and meditation. Let me know if you any have class requests. ❤️

I hope you all are staying healthy and hopeful. Please contact me with any prayer requests. I am here to serve and encourage you. 🙏🏻 Oh, and I am so excited to guide private sessions again beginning next week! 😊

Heather (& my favorite yoga buddy, Gardenia!)


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