Armor of God + Chakra Meditation

I love Jesus, and I love yoga. I love truth, and I love the mysterious. Combining the full Armor of God from the Bible (Ephesians 6:10-18), and the Chakra energy centers of the body in a meditative prayer covering has been spiritually enlightening and uplifting for my personal practice. Enjoy this journey with an open heart and mind as our spiritual eyes are opened! Let’s cleanse, clear, and empower our body, mind, and spirit. ♡

“May the words of my mouth, my meditation—thoughts, and every movement of my heart be always pure and pleasing, acceptable before your eyes, my only Redeemer, my Protector—God.” —Psalms 19:14

“Because you are close to me and always available, my confidence will never be shaken, for I experience your wrap—around presence every moment.” —Psalms 16:8

Holy Fire, establish your divine presence in me—fill me with your supernatural power and strength. Holy Fire, accomplish your divine purposes through me in this world.

Armor of God + Chakra Meditation

Place hands on the feet. Take a few, deep breaths.

Oh Lord, I put on The Shoes of Peace, corresponding to the Root (Muladara) Chakra “I Am.”

I am a child of God, Your beloved. My foundation is in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I let go of any fear or doubt, and walk in bold faith and trust. I am grounded, safe, and secure. I seek peace wherever I go. You direct my steps. I am willing to move forward through divine healing and guidance.

Place hands on the belly. Take a few, deep belly breaths.

The Belt of Truth wraps around me, corresponding to the Sacral (Svadhishthana) Chakra “I Feel.”

Oh God, Your Truth has brought freedom into my life. I feel my spiritual core stability. I radiate joy, creativity, and balance. As I am intimate with You, I am able to be intimate with others in healthy ways. I trust the divine flow of life. I let Your Spirit move me.

Place arms crossed over the chest. Take a few, deep breaths.

The Shield of Faith protects me, corresponding to the Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra “I Will—I Can—I Do.”

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! When I let the Spirit work in and through me, I have stamina, self-discipline, and confidence. My body is full of energy, health, and vitality. Thank you Lord for this weapon which enables me to thwart fiery darts in the spiritual realm. I am able to encourage and hold space for others as we link our Shields of Faith.

Place hands on the heart space. Take a few, deep breaths.

Jesus, You are my divine center, the Breastplate of Righteousness, corresponding to the Heart (Anahata) Chakra “I Love.”
Element—Air (Breath of Life)

I love because You first loved me. I forgive because I have been forgiven. I am compassionate, joyful, and connected to others. I can trust and be trustworthy. I am capable of establishing, growing, and maintaining healthy relationships. Hope fills my heart!

Place hands lightly on the throat area. Take a few, deep breaths.

The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is my source of Truth, corresponding to the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra “I Speak.”
Element—Sound / Ether

Out of the heart I speak. Thank you God for the beautiful visual of the top of the breastbone looking like a sword handle pulling truth out of the heart, moving up to the mouth, and into the world as expression. This is the only offensive weapon in the Armor of God! I ask that you fill me with Your Truth, and help me to discern and deny any lies in myself, others, and the world. May my words speak truth and life. Please help me to be an attentive, receptive listener. May my communications be clear, effective, and impactful.

Place anjali mudra (prayer) hands at the brow center. Take a few, deep breaths.

The Helmet of Salvation restores me to wholeness, corresponding to the Third (Ajna) Eye—Spiritual Eye Chakra “I See.”

Oh Lord, thank you for enlightening my spiritual eyes to receive divine knowledge and wisdom. Jesus, You save, heal, and restore me! My wholeness is secure in You. I quiet my busy mind by closing my physical eyes, and tuning into Your Presence, Love and Light. I see the interconnectedness of life, and am filled with vibrant clarity and focus. Your visions inspire me to make a difference and encourage others.

Place hands on the top of the head. Take a few, deep breaths.

The Helmet of Salvation restores me to wholeness, also corresponding to the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra. “I Know—I Understand.”

I am fully connected spiritually, and have access to divine wisdom and understanding. God, I can call on You at any time—and You hear my thoughts and petitions. Through prayer and meditation You show me Your higher purposes, and I notice Your divine work in everything. I desire to know You more! I am calm, centered, and complete in You, Oh Lord.

Just like the Crown Chakra represents our connection to God, I believe Jesus is our connection to God. He is the bridge between God and man. I can know and understand His Presence personally and intimately. This is the source of my higher purpose. When I mentally and spiritually dress myself in the full Armor of God, and cleanse and clear the Chakra energy centers of my body, I feel fully connected and empowered to LOVE, SERVE, and INSPIRE! ♡

You can also listen on YouTube. 🙏🏻


Simplify ❤︎

Today we practice SIMPLIFYING — looking at our daily life, our priorities, possessions, activities, commitments, habits, thoughts and actions — and taking the time to reevaluate, gracefully letting go of what no longer serves us and establishing new intentions. When we simplify, we release unwanted expectations and stress and open up to increased freedom, joy, and inner peace. As Steve Maraboli states, “The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.” What, where and how can you simplify? What would make your life lighter and easier? What can you get rid of? Where can you make adjustments to allow for more breathing room?

Take a minute to personally reflect.

Here are 3 practical tips to help prioritize and simplify: 

Look for soul stops. Even on your busiest days, set aside several 5 minute breaks to pause, tune-in, pray, and meditate. This helps redirect thoughts, feelings, and actions — even in the midst of the craziest schedule. Try bookending your day with longer spirit-filling stops.

Be keenly aware. Ask God to get your attention. Look for Divine appointments — a text from a friend at just the right time, a song that speaks directly to your heart, a random opportunity to help someone, a funny situation that turns your day around for the best.

Set limits. Pick a time your distractions begin, and tell them when they end. During those hours, do the phone thing, and computer thing, and every other thing you pour your soul into, but when that time comes to an end, shut it down. Disconnect to connect personally and spiritually.

How will these changes add to your freedom, joy, and inner peace?

“Our life is frittered away by detail — simplify, simplify.” ~Henry Thoreau

The Weight of Objects, Clearing a Space for Change, by Madisyn Taylor

In life, we tend to have an easier time acquiring possessions than we do getting rid of them. Just as we harbor emotional baggage that is difficult to let go of, our lives can tend to be filled with material objects that we may feel compelled to hold on to. Most people are not conscious of how much they own and how many of their possessions are no longer adding value to their life. They fiercely hold on to material objects because this makes them feel secure or comfortable. While it’s true that the ownership of “stuff” can make you feel good for awhile, it seldom satisfies the deep inner longings that nearly everyone has for fulfillment and satisfaction. It is only when we are ready to let go of our baggage and be vulnerable that it becomes possible to recognize the emotional hold that our possessions can have on us.

It’s not uncommon to hold on to material objects because we are attached to them or fear the empty spaces that will remain if we get rid of them. Giving away the souvenirs from a beloved voyage may feel like we are erasing the memory of that time in our life. We may also worry that our loved ones will feel hurt if we don’t keep the gifts they’ve given us. It’s easy to convince ourselves that unused possessions might come in handy someday or that parting with them will cause you emotional pain. However, when your personal space is filled with objects, there is no room for anything new to enter and stay in your life. Your collection of belongings may “protect” you from the uncertainties of an unknown future while keeping you stuck in the past. Holding on to unnecessary possessions often goes hand in hand with holding on to pain, anger, and resentment, and letting go of your material possessions may help you release emotional baggage.

When you make a conscious decision to fill your personal space with only the objects that you need or bring you joy, your energy level will soar. Clearing your personal space can lead to mental clarity and an improved memory. As you learn to have a more practical and temporary relationship to objects, positive changes will happen, and you’ll have space to create the life that you desire.

“Each of us has favorite items and places that help to calm and quiet us. What stills our mind? A walk in the park, a special place in the city, a quiet room? A rock, a cross, a picture, a lit candle? Use these places and things to find that place of stillness in yourself. Find the power in stillness. It’s a power that comes gently like the morning sunrise or the evening stars. Take time each day to seek out stillness, to find that sacred spot.
Let your mind and soul be at ease. Don’t grasp and grab for the magic and miracles. When you reside in that place of stillness, the joy, miracles, and magic you’re seeking will find you.” ❤︎ ~ Melody Beattie

“Let go of something, somewhere. Use yoga to become aware, to touch what lies beneath the surface of the skin. Is there tension longing for release, a knot of fear so deep and familiar that you believe its part of who you are? Ease into dark corners, locked rooms, unexplored hallways. Gain entry not by force of will, but only by softness. Enter on the wings of breath, and turn the key of self-acceptance to let go of something, somewhere.” ~ Danna Faulds

To simplify life I am___________.

There is freedom in letting go. ❤︎mockup-wall-art-2