Intention: The Seed of Action

“The journey of a year is drawing to a close. Cherish the moments, all of them, even the ups and downs. Honor the lessons you’ve learned, and the people who helped you learn them. Honor the journey your soul mapped out for you. Trust all the places you’ve been. Make a scrapbook in your heart to help you remember. Look back for a moment. Reflect in peace. Then let this year draw to a close. All parts of the journey are sacred and holy. You’ve learned that lesson by now. Take time to honor this ending though it’s never really the end. Go to sleep tonight. When you wake up tomorrow a new adventure will begin. Remember the words you were told when this last adventure began, the words whispered quietly to your heart: Let the journey unfold. Let it be magical. The way has been prepared. People will be expecting you. Yes, you are being led.” ❤️ ~ Melody Beattie

Goals vs. Intentions: I think evaluations and goals are useful, but I am a bigger fan of reflections and intentions. Intentions come from the heart and soul — they are rooted in the values most important to you. I have found my goals to be more authentic and impactful if I slow down, reflect, and connect with my deepest intentions. Intention is the seed of action.
“Setting your intention is like drawing an arrow from the quiver of your heart.” ❤️ ~ Bruce Black

Exploring Intention (Sankalpa) Meditation Exercise:
*Close eyes and breathe
*Focus awareness on brow center
*Receive the question: “What are the most satisfying moments or decisions of this year?”
*Notice what comes up first, without thinking or searching
*Write down your answer and how it feels…
~ Pause ~
*Close eyes and breathe
*Focus awareness on brow center
*Receive the question: “What is one aspect about myself I have especially loved this year?” 
*Notice what comes up first, without thinking or searching
*Write down your answer and how it feels…
~ Pause ~
*Close eyes and breathe
*Focus awareness on brow center
*Receive the question: “What would I have done differently this year? What do I want to let go of?” 
*Notice what comes up first, without thinking or searching
*Write down your answer and how it feels…
~ Pause ~
*Close eyes and breathe
*Focus awareness on brow center
*Receive the question: “How have I noticed Divine/God’s presence in my life this year?” 
*Notice what comes up first, without thinking or searching
*Write down your answer and how it feels…
~ Pause ~
*Close eyes, hold your hands on your heart center and breathe gently into your heart space.
*Receive the question: “What am I bringing to life in the new year? What do I desire on the deepest level?” Maybe it’s a theme or word for the year. 
*Notice what comes up first, without thinking or searching
*Write down your answer and how it feels…

Create an intention (or two) with what you wrote in the meditation exercise using the following guidelines. Take your time. Let it be authentic and impactful. Affirm what you desire, instead of what you fear.

Four Principles of Effective Intentions:
Present — stated in the present tense, as if already happening
Positive — stated in the form of what is desired
Concise — clear and to the point
Resonates — feels right with your true self

“Embracing intention infuses every breath, every moment with a deep sense of peace, confidence and clarity.” ❤️ ~ Erin Madore

Let the journey of a new year unfold! Inhale the NOW, the NEW — exhale the OLD!

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.” ~ Isaiah 42:9

May this be the BEST year yet! 🎉

Gift of Light 🌟

A long time ago, people thought the sun was leaving. Each day, the sun appeared for shorter times and climbed less and less into the sky. Fearing that it would stop its ascent and descend completely over the horizon and not come up at all, people celebrated the day of the Solstice, translated as the sun stood still. After that day, the sun began to climb ever so slowly into the sky and the days became longer. The light makes a stand against the dark and prevails. People all over the world celebrate light in many forms at this time of year. This season of great de-light is a time to remember the amazing Light that resides within and all around you. The light is most welcomed at this time of year when we are in our darkest days. As we hold it dear, it is a constant reminder of revelation. At any given moment the brightness of understanding will burst through; a ray of light relinquishes the darkness. Yes, the sun will return. Yes, the oil will remain lit. Yes, the Son is born. We light the candles and remember the miracle of this season. Light the night sky with your bright spirit; remember you are a miracle! May light-filled moments of wonder be yours this Holy-Days Season, and may you give the gift of your complete presence, your undivided attention and care to your loved ones.

Gift of Light Meditation

Breath easily and deeply and bring yourself into a centered, peaceful place. Imagine a magnificent light above your head and ask that it come down into your heart. An endless supply of warm, beautiful and supportive light now fills your heart. You may see it as a fireplace with burning logs, or a beautiful room with many candles. Visualize tremendous vitality, beauty and warmth within you. You have an unending supply of this energy and light. Acknowledge its power, majesty and expansiveness. Fill yourself with this light; every cell, every bone, thought and emotion is saturated with this eternal energy. See it. Feel it. Let it fill you. It is love. It is peace. And it is joy. Take as long as you’d like swimming in this amazing luster. When you are ready, prepare to offer your gift of abundant light to your loved ones. Visualize and feel the light from above you connecting into your heart and to your hands. Open your palms softly and outwardly. Your hands may feel warm. Offer light to your loved ones. Visualize them clearly. Offer light from your heart to theirs. As the light from your heart pours through them, notice that light begins to come down into the top of their head from someplace else. See them surrounded by you, surrounded by and filled with light and love. Their bodies are healthy, vibrant and beautiful. Their minds are expansive and calm. Peace flows through them offering them ease of heart. Wish them joy. Wish them good health. Wish them courage and abundance. Tell them whatever comes to you that is important to convey. Continue your blessings for them until you feel it is the right time to stop. Now release them gently. Leave them light-filled.

“There it was — the true Light [was then] coming into the world [the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light] that illumines every person.”

John 1:9 AMPC

“If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out; to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”

Mother Teresa

Recharge & Radiate ✨

The holiday season is filled with lights and all the beautiful traditions surrounding them. Many years ago, as our family was decorating the Christmas tree our daughter asked her Dad, “Do these lights run on a parallel or series circuit?” It reminded me of a quote from Mother Teresa, “Each one of us is merely a small instrument. When you look at the inner workings of electrical things, often you see small and big wires, new and old, cheap and expensive, lined up. Until the current passes through them, there will be no light. That wire is you and me. The current is God. We have the power to let the current pass through us, use us, produce the light of the world.”

In nature, the glow worm produces a constant light throughout its entire body and can turn the light off and on at will, shutting down as a protective measure and relighting again when at ease. An inquiry for you  when, where, and with whom do you shine the brightest? Throughout this busy season take time to recharge and connect to your true source of love & light. Embrace yourself with supportive surroundings and loving people. Be your genuine self. Radiate your own unique light.

Light Meditation

Visualize a tiny light somewhere in the distance. The light may take any form you can imagine. It could be the glowing aura of a candle, a light bulb, a flashlight, a streetlight, any light that enters your awareness. Begin to move toward that light. It may be clear, or obscured by a misty fog that creates an aura around it. As you get closer and closer, the light becomes more significant and more brilliant. Keep your mind focused on the light and feel it growing brighter as you approach nearer and nearer to it, now surrounding you entirely.

Imagine that the Spirit is at the center of the light, and so, all of the Wisdom and Holiness of God are also in that light, which is presently glowing intense and white. Now move into the center of the light and feel it enter your being, moving all around and through you. Feel the presence of Divine Love within it, and realize it is your love. Feel the embrace of the Spirit all around and through you. Surrender to the Love, and become one with it. Savor the presence and the warm embrace as you connect with Love. Understand it will always be with you. Relax, knowing you are one.

Now, feel all the light that was surrounding you, and flooding through you, begin to gather inside your being, as if you are a magnet, pulling all that light inside, so that you become the light itself. You are a being of pure light. You contain God, the Spirit, and the entire essence of Love. Now, collect all the light together, allowing it to focus in the center of your heart space where it settles and glows with the same intensity. You deeply rest, renew, recharge & radiate.


Challenging Times Build Our Story.

Challenging times build our inner strength. They develop our faith, refine our character, and GIVE US A UNIQUE STORY. It is always enjoyable to have the mountaintop experiences in life, but we learn the most during the valley times. Challenging times are often the gifts we do not want. As Hellen Keller stated, “character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Three things to remember and ask yourself: (1) What you go through, you grow through. (2) It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. (3) We all have a story: How are you using your unique story to help others? (4) Are there some new avenues to explore?

“Sometimes, the road ahead is blocked, but clearing the way becomes part of our journey. Learn to tell when it’s time to let go, to surrender, to search for another road, a different path, another dream. But also learn to tell when it’s time to move forward, through obstacles if need be, because the dream is electric, charged by Divine energy and love. If a side trip is beckoning, perhaps there’s a lesson there: an old feeling to be felt, healed and cleared; a new attitude or belief to be acquired; a revelation, a surprise. Remember this: a side trip, with all it’s emotions, isn’t about another person. It’s about you and your journey to healing, freedom, and joy. Ignoring a situation that can take you off center won’t take you to the next place. Going more deeply into your own growth process, going more deeply into your soul is what will further your journey. Everything that happens to you can be used, felt, shaped and transformed to further your journey. This process of growth, of side trips and healing, is your destiny, the magical journey of your soul.” ~ Melody Beattie

“My scars tell a story. They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character is welded.” ~ Steve Maraboli

What voice from your past, yours or someone else’s, do you need to silence today? Reflect upon the challenges in your life and be thankful for them. Three great rules to live by: no blaming, no shaming, no judgement. In gratitude, focus on those qualities in yourself and others that inspire you and spur you on!


Let’s journey together through a motivating meditation… Take a few deep, centering breaths… Now, reflect upon your ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YEARS and think of your FAVORITE TEACHER. Notice who comes to mind first. Visualize this special person. Did they have a unique voice, smell, distinguishing feature or mannerism? What did they say or do that was memorable and inspiring? How did you feel in their presence? What qualities did/do you respect about this teacher?

And now, fast forward into your HIGH SCHOOL YEARS and choose one YOUTH LEADER, COACH, COUNSELOR or TEACHER who positively influenced your life path. Visualize this individual: their smile, their gaze, their listening ear. What did they say or do that was motivating and encouraging? How did you feel in their presence? What qualities did/do you respect about this leader?

Now dwell upon a CURRENT MENTOR, COACH, TEACHER who challenges and lovingly spurs you on to the next level. Visualize their whole being, their essence—body, mind and spirit. What do they say and do that is heart-felt and wise? How do you feel in their presence? What qualities do you treasure about this respected guide?

Encompass now these three influential people. Are there any common themes or threads in your teachers, coaches, and mentors? Can you choose ONE QUALITY, ONE WORD that describes them all? Notice what arises first.

Looking at your own life, does this ONE QUALITY, ONE WORD represent you and how you desire to inspire and influence others?


How do others feel in your presence? What do you say and do that is motivating and memorable? Allow yourself to smile in gratitude and joy for those who have inspired you and for those you inspire.


Remember, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. We all have a story, now use your story to help others.