“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ❤️ ~ Maya Angelou

“This was beautiful. Your work is transcendent. Thank you!” ❤️

“Heather is absolutely amazing at what she does! I’m blown away by her ability to really understand my journey and create practices and give me tools that are changing my life in such a beautiful way. My heart, head, spirit and gut are finally communicating to me so clearly and I feel strong and capable! I’m so grateful for Heather!”

“Heather is fantastic. She listens and genuinely cares about what I’m going through. She has given me tools that work very well with my issues. I would highly recommend.”

“Heather speaks with me in a way that is very different from other therapists I have been to. It is very refreshing and positive. I hope to continue to gain ground with things that challenge me with a positive experience speaking with Heather.”

“Thank you, Heather. The workshop was fantastic! I am happy that I was able to attend in person. The workshop was the gentle push I needed to start getting out again.”

“Morning, Heather – we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Such an informative, restorative and relaxing workshop! Thank you again – we look forward to seeing you in class soon!”

“Thank you Heather! I truly enjoyed the workshop and hope to see you again soon!”

“Heather is a huge blessing to me. She listens. She helps put real life into perspective.”

“Thank you, it was a wonderful class and you did an amazing job. Hope to be back soon!”

“Dear Heather, A very small token of my appreciation for all that you do for our yoga community. I love being in your studio classes and I so appreciate being able to join in on Zoom. I am always so amazed by your sequencing and really enjoy your meditations.

“Hello Beautiful! Thank you for being the sweetest soul that exists on the planet! Your energy fills everyone’s soul you come in contact with!”

“Heather, each Tuesday morning I wake up so excited to attend Surrender to Be! You are the reason why! Your presence is so beautiful! Thank you for loving on my grandma and helping her in class. I so appreciate you! Have a lovely day!”

“Hi Heather, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your readings each week in yoga class. I’m so glad I asked you about it today because I encountered a friend who I think will really enjoy (and needs) the Let Go passage you read. It was divine timing! Thanks for always being an inspiration! xoxo”

“Thank you so much for the book and for the encouraging words in the card! Pre & Post Natal Yoga class has truly been a highlight of my weeks and you have created such an enjoyable space to be in. No baby yet, but I will keep you posted. He seems pretty snug in there for the time being so maybe I’ll see you Saturday.” 😊

“Hi Heather, I thoroughly enjoyed your class, and had a wonderful first yoga session. I will definitely be back. Have a wonderful day!”

“Hi Heather,

It was so wonderful to see you on Saturday–the class was fabulous. I always feel like a lighter and more hopeful and excited for life person whenever in your presence. Have a blessed week!”

“I so enjoyed meeting you and thought the workshop was great. It forced me to put some thoughts on paper, and to set my intention for the year. And your voice/style is so calming, you must be living your life’s purpose. Such a gift.”

“I am very thankful to have you, you have made a huge impact on me, how I see myself and situations, I am very grateful for you.”

“I love Heather! Her wholistic approach really helps me feel grounded. I feel very comfortable talking to her and I love that she’ll reach out occasionally to send supportive messages throughout the week to encourage you in your goals. I was very clear in our first session that I wanted faith based counseling and she’s great at incorporating the Lord into our time together. She opens and closes each session with prayer, quotes scripture, and has sent me highlights from her personal devotions that she thinks would help encourage me through the message feature. I really feel like Heather cares about me and just wants to help me grow into the person God meant for me to be.”

“Heather is absolutely amazing! I feel very safe and welcomed by her. I love how she helps, teaching ways to calm and refocus myself. I really think she is wonderful!”

“I have not worked with Heather for more than 2 weeks but I can tell she really cares about helping me through this time. She’s excellent at communication and has a very positive attitude. I look forward to working with her and our weekly meetings.”

“Thank you for today. As you can see I’ve been struggling a bit mentally due to not giving my body grace. I feel so broken physically. Hence why my midwife let me get back to my body [yoga] to help my mind. I can’t thank you enough.” ❤️

“Wow! Your website and your classes…it’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

“Heather, you continue to amaze me with all you do for your students and clients. I am so blessed to have met you shortly after moving to Phoenix. I learned so much and you started the journey to restore my mind, body and spirit.”

“Thanks Heather! Class was awesome I really enjoyed it. You are an incredible teacher!”

“Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your class! I took so much away with me yesterday and I am so grateful! I wish you many blessings.” 😊

“Thank you for the time you take to make every class unique and meaningful. Thank you for acknowledging every one of us in class, both as people and as people with unique body issues. 😊 Thank you for the tone you set in each class — both lighthearted but meaningful. I appreciate you A LOT. You are a major part of my mind-body life!

“Your class was amazing! I will be taking more!” 🥰

“This retreat is among my best and favorite vacations!”

“Heather is my favorite yoga instructor and I absolutely love the meditation component that’s been added! Please keep it!!”

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say I appreciate you and your class. It’s been such a huge help in my recovery coming back to yoga and feeling comfortable!”

“Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. I look forward to class each week and your guidance has been the biggest blessing!”

“One of the best workshops [Nervous System Regulation + Building Stress Resilience] I have ever attended. Thank you, Heather!”


I absolutely loved the class this morning. I felt at home and comfortable. I will definitely be back. It’s been a while for me, and I forgot how much I loved moving my body through Yoga. You are a wonderful teacher.

Thank YOU!”

“I listened to the Masterpiece Nidra this afternoon. It was amazing! Thank you for putting it together.”

“I truly look forward to and appreciate your weekly classes as it gives me a chance to take a break from the chaos of my life and of society here in America. A time to be present in the moment, to reflect, to be still, to BREATHE, to connect with my body, mind, and spirit. Your kind words, your amazing presence, and your beautiful class have been a great blessing in my life that I continue to look forward to while in AZ. Yoga and your class have taught me so much more than I could have ever asked. From appreciating the stillness, taking moments of mindfulness and intention, being grateful for what you have and acting with intentional gratitude through your day, truly appreciating the power of our breath, and knowing growth happens outside of your comfort zone. All these lessons have been able to apply back to my journey as an entrepreneur.”

“Thank you, Heather. You’ve played a critical role in my relationship with Jesus. I am forever grateful and blessed by you.”

“Hi Heather, I will be at your class Tuesday. Can’t wait. Also, I’m inspired by the groups you’ve listed as community service opportunties. I’m going to look into those. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us. You are an inspiring and beautiful soul and I feel grateful to be in your presence.”

“Dear Heather, Tourmaline is noted to be an October birthstone that is why I picked this for you. Just a small token of my appreciation to you as a masterful yoga teacher, an amazing reiki practitioner, and a wonderful presence in my life.”

“Dear Heather,

Good evening and Happy New Year! This email and the words and message within it are just what I needed to start 2022. I am a career-changer, going from almost 20 years in the arts to a few short years in HR and now on to almost four years in the early childhood classroom. On January 12 I will begin my student teaching in hopes of receiving my teaching license so that more doors will open for me closer to where I grew up in Virginia (I currently live in Houston and it’s just not my place).

I have been seeking patience, joy, calm, knowledge, endurance, confidence, and you’re-right-where-you’re-supposed-to-be peace through lots of prayer and quiet time. I exercise as much as possible and try to meditate when I can calm my mind and body. This email truly spoke to me and I plan to print it and keep it in my student teaching journal. 
Thank you for your words and for the scripture mentioned. God knew I needed these words and sent them the day before we start back to school for teacher work days.

“Loved my time with you. You are amazing and make me happy and relaxed!”

“Every instructor I have encountered has taught me something to treasure. However, I have come to be completely in awe of your tender, consistent, healing presence of light. You carry the “Light” within you with such grace and beauty. It is surely form the “Almighty” one. Forgive me if I presume too much, but from what you shared about yourself, I feel… as if every physical and emotional insult you have ever suffered has been transformed through the glorious light that shines in you into healing energy that you freely give to others… Your classes are a refuge for me. It’s a joy to be in your class, in your presence and in the presence of beautiful like-minded souls. Your classes remind me of the light, goodness and creative energy that can be found in abundance, even in a world seemingly to have gone half mad.”

“Your ROOT class is always what my body needs. I feel challenged but restored! Those that only take flow really have no idea what yoga is all about.”

Thank you for a beautiful class today. I’m so glad I went. You’re a great instructor. Have a wonderful day!!”

“Summary Birth Story: I had a visit with my midwife Friday morning, we decided not to check for dilation because I was showing no signs of going into labor and was still high. After my visit I went to yoga where I had a private session with Heather. She put me to work, I was sweating but it felt great to move! We practiced positions that my husband could help me with in labor. Also how I could do the same positions on a chair once the baby was lower. I felt great after yoga!

I felt fine all day and only had slight cramps going to bed. I woke up at 11pm and my water broke and I started to have contractions every 2 minutes and lasting a minute. We still needed to pack and were on our way to the hospital by midnight. I was in some intense labor for about two hours but focused on my breathing, thanks Jocelyn and Heather 🙂 . I was able to muscle through. Once I moved from the intense contracts to the pushing phase I felt so relieved and relaxed, I was ready to push! By that time the midwife on call, arrived and I transitioned to my breathing I had practiced for pooping ( thanks Jocelyn 🙂 ). I delivered standing/squatting and felt so strong through the process. From water breaking to meeting our sweet girl it was about 6 hours.

I did not escape without a 2nd degree tear but I am feeling great despite that. I will be back for PT, massage and yoga once I am cleared!

I had the labor and delivery of my dreams! I am so blessed by all the great care I received from everyone at Moment of Truth. I felt so prepared, having practiced my exercises and breathing since early November.

Thank you to everyone for feeling like a family to me since moving out here without a community to lean on.”

“Heather remembered my name after my first visit to her class. She has a calming, welcoming energy about her that draws you into her classes. She does a great job demonstrating new moves and encourages us to try them. I feel myself getting stronger and more knowledgeable about the practice after every class.

“Heather, you are so thoughtful, give great direction, and have a great smile and attitude. You make people happy!”

“Thank you, Heather! I appreciate your time, expertise, and additional resources preparing for this birth. Hope to see you again next week! Also, great music! It was very calming hearing some of the songs we sing at church.” 🙂

“Hi Heather, your Joy Nidra is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much! Looking forward to trying your other classes! Namaste'”

“Heather! I just wanted you to know how much I love your monthly newsletters! So inspirational and beautiful! Thank you for all you do!”

“Heather is a beautiful human who shines in the light. She is loving and cares with such great compassion. I love that she understands my trauma on a personal level because it helps me to feel seen and understood!”

Feeling forever thankful I stepped into your class on my first day back to the gym in 6 years! I can’t even explain the relief I felt! You’re a blessing to all who practice with you!”

“You have made a huge impact on my life. I connect to your inspiration and spiritual side allowing for a deeper yoga journey. I love your class the best (Life Time). I am challenged to do better. You are a beautiful gem of God!”

Thank you for an amazing class. I needed to hear that message about gratitude. I just had this vision of all the people in my corner and began to cry. Thank you so much!”

“Heather, I am truly grateful for you and your compassion during my loss. You helped me heal, thank you.”

“Dearest Heather, Tom and I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to you! For your welcome, your kindness, your encouragement, your expertise and uplifting instruction. You are a joy and blessing in our lives!”

“Hi Lexi, I wanted to let you know how wonderful that Heather is. So professional, wonderful pose directions, always giving modifications, I can feel the truth she speaks in meditation coming from her soul. Honestly I usually leave refreshed and crying as I’m learning a truth and focused on applying it to life. I truly luv her. She is a gift to Life Time.”

“Hi Heather, First, I want thank you. Your restorative yoga nidra meditations on YouTube have been a lifeline through the very difficult last year of my life. They have helped me more than I can say, and my 10 year old son asks to listen to Strength and Resilience every night before bed. ❤️ Thank you for shining your light through every class you teach and for your willingness to share it on YouTube. When I’m stressed, I literally hear your calming voice in my head. The light within me is so very thankful for the light within you.” ❤️

“Hi Heather, I had a great time and now walking around the house I feel vibrant and proud of myself. I will definitely be taking additional classes. Take care and thanks for all your help!”

“Dear Heather, I appreciate everything you do! Yoga, retreats, and especially your calming influence. You absolutely help to keep me centered.” ❤️

“You explain everything so well, thank you!”

“Thanks so much for helping me stay grounded during such a challenging year. You masterfully combine yoga with the healing spirit of Jesus and you helped me stay focused on HOPE!!”

“Thank you for Yoga Nidra yesterday [via Zoom]. I think it’s a whole new level when you can lead that and manage my kids all through the computer. Truly impressive. I’m so grateful for you!”

“After I emailed, I actually found your YouTube channel! I read all of the blog posts last night, more like: consumed them. Thank you for making this beautiful healing work available for folx. I’m looking forward to incorporating this approach to Jah in my spiritual practices.

If I can be completely open in spirit for a moment? I was led to your site after doing research on Chakras over the past few days. Last night, I lit some candles all over my room, burned some incense, smudged, set my intentions over my space, and sat to meditate using your Chakra/Armor of God audio as a guide. Heather, my spirit was completely overwhelmed, and I had to stop. I believe that our Creator understands the physical,  metaphysical, and spiritual aspects of our planet, and our universe. I sit in reverence of his power and love daily. I also believe that we are energy, and our spirits are energy animating our energetic bodies. It’s beautiful and powerful! The concept of Chakras is not new to me, but the spiritual recognition, and alchemy of them is. My spirit felt convicted, and I’m sure that’s because I didn’t first take the time to root myself in scripture, before diving into such a powerful meditation.
Thank you again for this amazing work that you’re doing. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the New Year with you. Stay Shining!”

Can’t recommend this enough! I’ve attended Heather’s pre and post natal classes in person and via Zoom with both pregnancies and they have been so helpful in more ways than I can count.”

“A few years ago, when we were looking for a babysitter in Arizona, I asked Heather Wiest if her teenage daughter was interested.

I knew Heather from the amazing pre-natal yoga classes I took from her. Being in her presence was like standing in the sunshine, and I assumed that any kid of hers would also be amazing.

We scheduled a day. Heather came up to the door with her daughter, helped her ask us some smart, reassuring questions about the kids, helped her be clear about her rate, and waved goodbye. It was one of her daughter’s first babysitting jobs and Heather scaffolded the whole experience so that her daughter knew how to approach it with maturity and confidence. I felt like I was getting a lesson too, in how to support a child in growing up graciously.

I found out later that Heather had a turbulent, traumatic childhood, difficult enough that she moved out on her own at 15 years old.

She could have perpetuated a cycle.

Instead, she became a person who glows with gratitude. She started her own business: Love, Serve, Inspire. And she took what happened to her as an opportunity to create a very different experience for the next generation.

It can be easy to hold onto our hurts, as if they are part of us. But every time I’ve interacted with Heather, I’ve felt inspired to shed anything that weighed me down so I could become a better version of myself.

Living like this requires intention and practice, but when I look at Heather, I see how worthwhile that work is—especially if we can pass along that transformation to the kids coming along behind us.”

“Good morning! I’ve been reading about you for 45 minutes this morning. I love your blog. I cried many times reading it… Your blog inspires me to finally write of my mom.”

“Your Prenatal Yoga Class on YouTube is so good! Would it be okay to share in my local group?”

“Hi Heather! Thank you again for a wonderful Reiki session!! I called and I got the job!! It’s a great day all around!”

“Hi Heather, I am currently taking a 200 hour YTT! So exciting. I’ve taken your Nidra class and love it! I will definitely be finding some space to take your Slow Flow. You definitely inspired me to get more into Yoga during my year at Dead Red.” 🙏🏻

“You’re an amazing teacher, anyone who gets to practice with you is blessed.”

“Thank you Heather! It was a great class on YouTube. First time I tried the baby grasshopper pose! It was fun.” 😊

“Just did your See A Victory Flow, and I LOVED it. What a treat. The perfect mix of strengthening and stretching and the theme was so needed in my heart today. Thank you for this!”

“Heather, thank you again for your beautiful practices on YouTube. I love hearing your calming sweet voice and following your excellent directions. You are a gift for whom I treasure.” 💜

“Hi Heather! I have realllllyyyyy been enjoying your yoga videos on YouTube. I can’t wait to be in your class again!”

“I just did your twist yoga class on YouTube. Sooooo wonderful! Thank you.” 🙏🏻

“Hi Heather, I hope you and your family are doing well. I just want to thank you for coming into my living room today to guide my practice on YouTube!! I really miss practicing under you and your beautiful spirit. 😊  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love and peace to you.”

“Heather, I just finished your YouTube video on hips. Love it! Thanks!”

“Thanks so much for offering the partner yoga class today. Haleigh and I had a wonderful time together and appreciate all your efforts behind the scenes to make it happen. Additional thanks too for the meditation swag bag – loving it as well.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the warm welcome, and lovely class on Friday morning. It was a beautiful way to end my week. Look forward to seeing you again soon.”

‘Yesterday I played one of your yoga nidra meditations, and a message came through. ‘It’s all OK.’ Doesn’t seem like much, but it was. I want to thank you for coming into my life Heather. And for all that you do continually. You are truly a special person.”

“I wanted to tell you how much my soul needed that session Saturday…thank you so much. I truly feel like I was meant to be there as my spirit was nourished and encouraged in multiple ways. So THANK YOU!”

“Dear Heather — Thank you. You are such a bright spot in my time here in Arizona. I have learned so much from your positivity and grace. Thank you for teaching me yoga positions that made labor easier. And thank you for your example of how to raise strong, confident girls. I will miss you!”

“I appreciate your prayers and thank you immensely for the reiki sessions. They were a huge help for me and I learned how to get inner peace in such simple ways. Thank you again for your help. All the best to you.”

“Thanks for being a gift.”


“What a great first day doing yoga! I never thought recovery was going to be so beautiful.”

“Best way to start my day!! ❤️ you, Heather! Thank you for your wonderful gift of yoga!”

“You lift us more than you know. Thank you for guiding us through such a beautiful practice this morning. You speak to my soul every week!” 💛

“Thank you for letting us [grandma and baby grandson] join your class–you are truly amazing. Your knowledge and heartfelt intent for all the moms/babies in your class was shown, and I’m so glad we could join.” ❤️

“I’m going to miss you so much! It was such a privilege to experience pre and post natal yoga with you. I feel very fortunate because I know for a fact that yoga has helped me physically, but most of all mentally, during my pregnancy and now as a mama. ❤️ It’s something I will continue to incorporate no matter how busy life gets.”

“My friend and I are hosting a Rise Up Victorious retreat based on the chakras and the Armor of God and wondered if we could read and share your meditation during a restorative flow. We’d love to give you credit as the author. 🙂 Your work is incredible!

I have been a Christian for years and recently decided i would rather be a Christ follower…..i have explored my spirituality in many different places that the church may not be open to. And i just looked up the possible correlation between the armor of God and the Chakras and ur article puts so much together for me its incredible!!!!!!!!! THANK U THANK U….i look forward to reading more of ur writings.” 🙂

“Thank you so much Heather! I learned so much and really enjoyed it. We had just discussed what makes a quality yoga teacher and you definitely hit every one of those qualities! Your class sparked my interest into pre & post natal yoga!”

“I wanted to let you know I’m incredibly thankful for all you’ve done to help guide me with peace in so many aspects of my life. Your guidance through yoga taught me breathing techniques, and ways to think with focus and clarity, during the most difficult times of my life. God definitely put you in my life for a reason. I’m forever thankful for you. You are an amazing blessing and gift from God. XOXO”

“You have been a BIG part of this crisis journey. I know I’m managing because of the love from you and some others that have actively helped and traveled this crisis with me. I thank you sooo very much!”

“Hi Heather!!! THANK YOU again for the Reiki session. 😊🙏🏻 I feel light, bright, and ready for a new world of dance!!!”

“Dear Heather,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the impact your class has had on me and my journey to motherhood. Having a place to come each week to take care of myself and share the journey has been incredible and invaluable. You truly have a gift for what you do, and you are a gift to those of us who are lucky enough to spend time with you. I know without a doubt I am better because of you, and my son will be better because of that.”


I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and give you my sincerest thank you.

Yesterday’s end of yoga ceremony had a very profound effect on me, the overwhelming feelings came up seemingly out of nowhere. I wasn’t joking when I said I was going to cry 🙂 The enormous gratitude and blessing I felt was truly moving, inspiring, and hard to even label. Today, I am still feeling this beauty and serenity with me.

I have found how quickly your class, because of you, has become such an important part of my community. It’s something I look forward to every week, not only for the yoga, but for the womanhood and belonging, a sense of safety and welcome that you uniquely generate.

I feel truly blessed not only for this pregnancy and journey, but for finding your class and the women there as well.”

“You and your weekly class have positively impacted my pregnancy. Something I will remember forever. I am still in awe at how much the consistent Prenatal Yoga benefited the pregnancy process and recovery period. I have learned so much from you and look forward to bringing my son to postnatal for more songs, stories, stretching and community. Thank you for being such a positive influence! You are so special!” ❤️

“Ahhhh Heather…YOU have such a special place in my heart. Your practice [classes] captured me in a raw time — right in the thick of my journey and you taught me how to love and honor my changing body. Thank God for YOU!”

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for leading such a beautiful and spiritual workshop. I loved it so much! I had such a deeply moving experience. I’m so happy I can now add this to my practice!”

“The best! You always give me a challenge, time to relax, and a time to reflect. Love it! Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for an amazing year! I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your classes and the impact they’ve made on me this past year.

“I cannot thank you enough for yesterday. I am still tingling. Thank you Heather. Thank you for helping me understand and be willing to change and accept.

“I have been taking Heather’s pre-natal class for nearly 5 months now and am just days to weeks from delivery. Thanks to the class, during a time when many women feel anxious, I feel strong and balanced, grounded and prepared, and I feel supported by a community of amazing mommas and soon-to-be-mommas. After being adjusted the other day, the chiropractor I was seeing had nothing but praise for how even and relaxed my body is, as well as for how good the baby’s positioning is. She needed to know where I was practicing yoga so she could recommend it. 🙂 Thank you, Heather!!”

Thanks so much for helping us on our yoga journey. It’s amazing how your words are so relevant to our situation. It’s almost like you know how our day went! We look forward to our classes with you. Peace, Love & Namaste.”

Your classes are so invigorating and creative! Thank you!”

“Your cueing in the BEST. I adore your flow classes because I can close my eyes and just be in my practice. I hope you teach a blindfolded class one day…they are so fun when the teacher has a cueing talent. Thanks for putting the “contentment” in Santosha today.” 😊

“I thought you might find it interesting that I finally found my back leg today in Warrior 1, and the ability to root the outer foot to translate it to my inner thigh drawing back and tail descending. It has only taken me 14 years!”

“Heather, it was your set of Nidra recordings that did it for me. I sleep so deeply now! I’ve unexpectedly been able to say goodbye to all meds!”

“A couple of weeks ago I took an Inspired Intentions yoga workshop at Studio Santosha. Our teacher, the beautiful @loveserveinspire, had us write three intentions down and put them in a prayer box she was going to pray over. I wrote down three intentions that are the ones I’m always working on — less anxiety, less anger (I am not an overly patient person, just sayin), more healthy living etc.. But, at the end of the meditation portion I was praying as we lay there quietly and this word came to me loud and clear. Acceptance. That’s not even a word I EVER use…probably because I’m a control freak. So it seemed so odd to me, yet I knew that’s what I needed to focus on going forward. It doesn’t mean you don’t strive to change or be a better you, BUT acceptance is a beautiful thing. Acceptance of others, yourself, God’s timing…all of it. So, thank you Heather for helping find my true intention for this year!” ❤️🙏🏻

“We went with some mommy friends to baby yoga at another studio in town and I just have to tell you it doesn’t even come close to your class and you!!! You are such an amazing instructor–we are so lucky to have met you!!”

“Thank you Heather. I enjoy your blogs and read all of them. And you bring a sense of calm, radiating joy when you are in class that is inspiring.”

“You are a true Angel. Thank you so much. You filled my heart with love and affection. Your class is just what I needed to feel more grounded and tranquil, and the handouts are a true blessing.”

“It was my pleasure to attend your class. You have inspired me with Yoga and are such a gifted teacher and healer! Next time I’m in town I’ll check to see if you have a class. Once I relocate to this area, I’ll certainly become on of your students! Many blessings to you and thanks again for an awesome experience!”

“This is the first time someone created a yoga class themed just for me! It was perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

When I’m in your classes I feel like I’m under a huge umbrella of compassion; when I leave, I want to share it with the world!”

“I have invited Heather to lead yoga sessions on retreats that I offer my clients, always to great effect. Many of them have also learned to release stress through her Yoga Nidra recordings. Highly recommended.

“Heather, I wanted you to know how powerful the walking meditation was last night! My experience was so intensely beautiful I have placed my card and words in my Bible! Thank you for all you do! Peace be with you!” 🙏🏻

“I was asked today, ‘what was my quantum moment?’ When I walked into Santosha for the first time. Never went anywhere by myself. Walked in and Heather was there. I went into the class of strangers. The energy felt warm and safe. I laid there, my first Yoga Nidra class, not knowing if I was doing anything right and judging myself, as we all do, and being told there is no right or wrong pose. That you honor your body just the way it is, not comparing myself to anyone else or how I think it should look or feel, and I believed for the first time that I was OK exactly as I was at exactly that moment. I believed it. Of course I’ve grown over the last two years. It’s hard work excepting yourself exactly the way you are. Good, bad, fat, older, grayed. But the thing is, once I learned and believed that I was OK just the way I am, then the world opened up for me and I could begin practicing excepting others exactly as they are, without needing to change anyone or try to control their happiness. Everyone, every soul has their own journey. I am an infant in my true life’s journey. I know everything is happening exactly as it should at exactly the right moment and all I have to do is let it. All I want to do is give love and be an example of what true love is. And in that I find my bliss, my joy, my Santosha.”

“You are just amazing. You saw the light in me when I didn’t even know what that meant. Your soul touches my heart in ways I never thought possible.”

“Thank you for your fun Pre & Post Natal Yoga classes. My baby and I enjoy coming every Monday…you are an amazing instructor!”

“Thank you so very much for sharing your love, talent and expertise with my students and me. It was truly an inspirational experience. I really appreciate you!”

“Thank you so much for teaching such a great class! I’m getting so much out of your classes. I love how your classes always have a theme. You are very inspirational.”

“A few months ago I started sending out to the Universe my intention to travel to Arizona. I just knew I had to go. I didn’t realize why, just that I had to go. For some reason, I thought it was Sedona that was pulling me. I knew something magical would happen. And your class was it…I am thankful for the lesson and for the release of old junk. I feel so spiritually centered and on the right path. Thank you again for your part in the journey to becoming whole again. Be blessed dear one.”

“Tonight my friend Mary and I attended a Yoga Nidra in Peoria, AZ. The space was warm and welcoming and the instructor radiated with love and knowledge. The class was 75 minutes in length and the majority was a meditation…My journey into my mind came in small bursts. Time creeped by and my thoughts rested in old hurts as our instructor Heather guided us. Tears welled in my eyes when I re-lived the most painful day of my life. Paul’s funeral. I heard the gunfire of the 21 gun salute by the river. I felt my body shake with emotions. Hurt. Pain. Fear. Loss. Loneliness. How could I ever live without him? As she guided us to move out of the emotion and feeling, I could feel myself being pulled back to the hurt. I wanted to feel that again. Honoring his memory, our marriage, it felt like the right thing to do. I realized that I can honor all of that without remaining broken. I no longer need to hurt or feel loss. I am again whole. I am restored. As we were guided through our minds, I realized that I have stayed broken long enough. Fear was not my friend. When we went into the round room and found the book with blank pages, I found parts of me in pause. I need to write. Writing shall be more of my healing. It’s time to finish that part of me. I needed the pause. I grew in the pause. I became again—to know me. The time is now. Thank you, Heather. Namaste.”

“Thank you for all the love and thoughtfulness in preparing the Partner Yoga Workshop. Everything was perfect, such a lovely day! Thank you for sharing your gifts of yoga and music!”

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for today’s class. That was exactly what I was looking for — a moderate paced class that would help me improve flexibilty and strength while exploring and learning to appreciate the changes in my body.”

“I received your thank you card in the mail today. Such a thoughtful surprise! Your yoga class was wonderful. It helped me release so much negative energy that day…

“THANK YOU for helping me feel stronger and more prepared to have this baby. So grateful for you!”

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for class last Saturday. Many of your readings resonated with me in a big way. Also, I don’t remember the words with which you ended the class, but at the time I was moved by them as well—it was a blessing for the day that was so touching to me. Thank you for shining your light into the path of my journey.”

“It’s been a pleasure participating in your classes as you truly embody the mind, body, and spirit in each of them. May the Universe continue to bless you with the same loving kindness you give to your students.”

Blog post testimonial: http://healthnerd.me/yoga-nidra/

The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love.” ❤️ ~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross