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“Safe amid storms, calm amid a world-unrest, certain amid insecurity. The only safe way is the sure way of Divine Guidance. Not the advice of others, not the urgings of your own hearts and wills. Just My Guidance. Think more of its wonder. Dwell more on its rest. Know that you are safe, secure.” ~ God at Eventide

Heather Wiest — LCSW, E-RYT®200, RYT®500, YACEP® — is beyond blessed to LOVE, SERVE and INSPIRE her family and community as a Christ centered Yoga Teacher, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and contributing author. Her holistic yoga sessions are engaging and rejuvenating, leaving one feeling balanced and inspired. Heather’s busy life as a wife, mother, and guide, encourages her to find the pause — embracing every moment of connection, presence, and peace. A passionate, yet simple girl at heart, you can find Heather breathing in another radiant Arizona sunrise or sunset.

image1Heather took her first yoga class in 2001 and instantly fell in love! She quickly discovered the healing aspects of a consistent yoga practice to one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. As a mental health professional, she was drawn to complete her Yoga Nidra/Guided Relaxation Technique facilitator certification with Jane Mayer, and additional Restorative Yoga training with Mary Bruce in 2012. In 2013, Heather added Pre and Post Natal Yoga training with Desi Bartlett, and Yin Yoga training with Joe Barnett. Her exploration continued in 2014 with the completion of Second Degree Reiki with the International Center for Reiki Training, Mini Yogis® Yoga for Kids Certification with Shana Meyerson, and SmartFLOW® Yoga Teacher Training with Annie Carpenter. Furthermore, Advanced Reiki Training/Reiki Master Certification was awarded in 2015, and Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Registration added in 2016. Heather completed Chair Yoga Certification with Donna Schnoor in 2017, and Yoga Wall Training with Rasoul Sobhani in 2018. Holy Fire III Reiki enhanced Heather’s practice in 2019. As a certified Connection Coalition Instructor and LoveYourBrain Yoga Teacher, Heather combines her social work and yoga training to participate in community outreach programs.

With over 25 years of marriage experience, Jon and Heather Wiest offer premarital coaching and marriage mentorship as Certified SYMBIS Facilitators.


Forever a student, Heather continually learns the most from her children.
“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” ❤️ ~ Mark Van Doren


 “Waves rise from water.
Flames arise from fire.
Rays emanate from the sun.

So do you and I shine forth
From the Mysterious One.”

~ The Radiance Sutras


✨”But through love, serve one another.” ~ Galatians 5:13✨


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