Deep Listening

I’m loving Jillian Pransky’s recent book, Deep Listening. She shares techniques and tools that focus on experiencing our connected-ness. This feeling of connection not only changes the way we respond to stress, it actually leaves us feeling less stressed, increases the amount of joy in our life, and sets the conditions for us to evolve. It centers on the science of Deep Listening, which allows us to pause and truly hear—often for the first time—what both our bodies and our minds are telling us. It kickstarts our relaxation response, calming muscular tension and setting the whole body up for deep healing, growth, and repair. It’s a new frontier in integrative wellness—the new mindfulness. 💜


During August and September’s yoga classes, I’ll be sharing some of the themes and readings from Deep Listening, and I encourage you to support Jillian’s amazing work by purchasing a copy to have for your home practice.

Let Yourself Land
Being Here
How We Hold
Making Space
Listening Softly
Listening Deeply
Listening Bravely
Listening Again and Again and Again

Sounds heavenly, right?! Let’s calm our bodies, clear our minds, and open our hearts to receive. I hope to see you soon. 💜