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Please Note: Use relaxation audio wisely. Do not listen to relaxation materials while you need to be fully awake and alert because this can be dangerous. Please use relaxation sessions only when safe to do so.

I am truly honored to be a part of LoveYourBrain’s Meditation Movement Podcasts! Please enjoy my Yoga Nidra for Creating a Vision and Trusting the Process. ❤️


NEW!Christ-Centered Yoga Nidra: I AM — 30 Minute Practice

Jesus, thank you for being I AM. ❤️

Spark Creativity Yoga Nidra — 30 Minute Practice

I use my creativity to make the world more beautiful. ❤️

Safe Space Yoga Nidra — 35 Minute Practice

I am safe. I am supported. I am loved. ❤️

Christ-Centered Yoga Nidra: Masterpiece — 32 Minute Practice

I am deeply known and loved. I am a breathtaking, beautiful masterpiece! ❤️

Christ-Centered Yoga Nidra: Bright Light — 32 Minute Practice

I am a bright light and glowing flame for Christ in this world. ❤️

✨ Christ-Centered Yoga Nidra: The Altar — 32 Minute Practice ✨

There is a gift for you at the altar. ❤️

Cultivate Joy Yoga Nidra — 31 Minute Practice

I cultivate more joy into my life. ❤️

Yoga Nidra For Miracles — 35 Minute Practice

I believe in miracles! All things are possible. ❤️

Relaxing Into Childbirth Yoga Nidra — 28 Minute Practice

My body is ready and able for this natural experience. ❤️

Yoga Nidra For Seva (Selfless Service) — 37 Minute Practice

How am I showing up for others? ❤️

Beach Therapy Yoga Nidra — 36 Minute Practice

Inhale to RENEW, exhale to RELAX. ❤️

✨ Keep It Simple Yoga Nidra — 35 Minute Practice

To simplify life I am ___________________. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Strength & Resilience — 48 Minute Practice

You are strong. You are resilient. You have been heard. You have been understood. ❤️

✨ Fly Like An Eagle Yoga Nidra — 35 Minute Practice

What’s your vision? Imagine there are no limits. ❤️

✨ Grounded & Grateful Yoga Nidra — 35 Minute Practice

Inhale PEACE, exhale GRATITUDE. ❤️

✨ Right Action At The Right Time Yoga Nidra — 41 Minute Practice

Taking the right action at the right time gracefully guides you forward. ❤️

✨ Best Version Of You Yoga Nidra — 41 Minute Practice

Observation and awareness are the first steps toward change. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Forgiveness — 37 Minute Practice

Who can you forgive today? It may even be forgiving yourself. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Building Community — 38 Minute Practice

Build a healthy support network and community. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Releasing Stress — 43 Minute Practice

Inhale the BEST, exhale the stress! ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Renewal & Breakthrough — 37 Minute Practice

How are you reNEWing? What breakthrough are you looking for? ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For True Contentment — 40 Minute Practice

Let Spirit-infused confidence fill your heart and soul with peace and contentment. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Transformation & Growth — 32 Minute Practice

Make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE. ❤️

✨ Seeking Beauty Yoga Nidra — 35 Minute Practice

Be a beauty seeker. Fall in love with life daily. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra Nap — 20 Minute Practice

Let go into a deep sense of stillness and silence. ❤️

✨ Armor of God + Chakra Meditation — 15 Minute Prayer ✨

Cleanse, clear, and empower the body, mind, and spirit. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For New Beginnings — 44 Minute Practice 

Say YES to Divinely inspired desires. ❤️

Sweetly Surrender Yoga Nidra — 39 Minute Practice

Just this breath, just this moment, just let go. ❤️

✨ Yoga Nidra For Complete Healing — 47 Minute Practice

Let us H.E.A.L — Heed–Experience–Awaken–Life! ❤️

Yoga Nidra For True Connection & Clarity — 43 Minute Practice

Love is the secret password for every soul. ❤️


✨ Message in a Bottle — 11 Minute Visualization Meditation

Encourage awareness, compassion, and resilience. ❤️

 Hold The Vision Trust The Process Yoga Nidra — 40 Minute Practice

Trust the vision in your heart and soul — let it guide you home. ❤️

 Guided Relaxation For Sound Sleep — 23 Minute Practice ✨

As you sleep deeply, allow your whole being to restore, renew, and refresh. ❤️


“I am a writer of books in retrospect.

I talk in order to understand.

I teach in order to learn.” ❤️

~ Robert Frost

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