The Door Knocker

I was blessed to recently share a part of my life story at a 365 Life Shifts book signing event. May my journey encourage your heart, and inspire you to say YES to the still, small voice inside. ❤️

I’m Heather Taylor Wiest. And I am a miracle. A testament of God’s unrelenting love and grace–a chosen instrument (Jeremiah 1:5 AMPC). I am the youngest of five biological siblings, and the only one to live past infancy. Every breath of my life has a purpose. I am here today to share a part of my story with you.

My mother divorced my father when I was seven, and the years to follow were especially turbulent. Home life breathed constant chaos propelled by mental health issues, addiction, abusive relationships, and domestic violence. I’m sure some of you can relate. I recall attending eight different elementary schools before sixth grade!

However, through all of this I knew a Divine force was with me. God revealed Himself to me in the darkness. I witnessed visions and glimpses of light. I learned about Jesus—His unconditional love, saving grace, and mighty power. His character and teachings transformed my heart and gave me hope.

At the age of 12, I entered a new home in Phoenix with a door knocker similar to this–a symbol of new beginnings.IMG_8595

I began junior high, created close friendships, and established a unique life of my own. My mom and step-father tried to get their lives together, but the chaos continued. Two years later, upon returning from summer vacation with my biological father, I walked up to the door, and this time the door knocker had a white note taped to it with my name on it. It stated we did not live here anymore. This door had slammed shut.

My mom and step-dad reached the pinnacle in their domestic violence history while I was away. What was later determined self-defense, my mother had stabbed my step-father in the heart with a kitchen knife. He had been air transported to the hospital, near death, and my mother arrested and placed in jail for a week.

The next few months were a new season for mom and me. We rented an apartment, I began high school, and she attempted sobriety and employment as a single parent. Within a year, my mom hit rock bottom in her addiction and found herself in another abusive relationship. At the age of 15, with the support of my father and dear friends, I left home and began life as an independent teen. Tough love encouraged me to establish safer boundaries. I cautiously tapped another door knocker—one of release, hope, and opportunity. This space was free from substance abuse, instability, control, and violence. Emotions were openly expressed, and communication clear. I began the long journey to healing and wholeness.

God supernaturally strengthened and comforted me, speaking to me, KEEP ON KNOCKING, AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED TO YOU. The Divine gave me an undeniable purpose to help others as I pursued an education and career in social work. My life verse confirmed to me at age 18, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” (2 Corinthians 1:4, NLT)

I am continuing to learn to say YES to the still, small voice inside. Trusting the divine visions and glimpses of light. Embrace change with hope-filled anticipation, and I encourage YOU to say Y.E.S.—Yield, Experience, Shift to your heart and soul’s deepest longings. “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7, NLT) Not all doors open upon knocking, but those destined to unlock are certainly divine life shifters. ❤️

Take Aways & Journaling Questions:

✯YOU are a miracle—a chosen instrument!

✯Every breath of your life has a purpose.

✯A Divine force is always with you.

✯Door knockers represent new beginnings, whether the door opens, or slams shut.

✯Say Y.E.S. to the still, small voice inside. Yield—Experience—Shift to your heart and soul’s deepest longings.

✯Keep on knocking and doors will open for you in Divine will and timing.

✯Who in your tribe opens or closes doors for you—physically or metaphorically?

✯Is there another door knocker to be tapped? 🙏🏻