It’s All About The Little Things.❦

I just returned from a fabulous trip to Naia Resort and Spa in Belize with Well Xplored. On my last night, this sweet, handwritten note and jungle oil gift greeted me in my beach house. 💞


Life is about the unexpected details, those present moments, the little things that often become the big things. Today I took some time to notice and reflect upon the “little things” that have blessed me recently.

❦ My youngest daughter’s text saying she misses me.

❦ The empty, middle seat on my last flight home.

❦ Witnessing beautiful souls shining and sharing their talents, inspiring me to do the same.

❦ My dog’s undivided attention as I walked in the door.

❦ A bouquet of wildflowers thoughtfully arranged by my husband — just because.

❦ A dear friend reaching out for a lunch date to catch up.

❦ Going to the store for an item, and there was just one left — phew.

❦ A moment of eye contact that made my heart jump.

❦ Unexpectedly sharing in someone’s grief experience.

❦ Truly realizing the interconnectedness of life.

❦ A heart-to-heart conversation with my 15-year old — seize those moments!

❦ A friend immediately answering the phone when I needed to talk.

❦ A random email leading to an amazing opportunity!

❦ God clearly speaking to my heart and soul through Scripture and confirmations, guiding my path step-by-step. God is all about the “little things!”

❦ A song deeply moving me to sing and dance.

❦ The sand in my shoes reminding me of the Belize beaches.


“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air.” ☀️ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you being called to Belize? Perhaps this “little thing” will become a larger part of your life journey. 💞 Stay tuned as we create an amazing yoga retreat experience for early 2019! 🙏🏻