Boundless in Bulgaria! ♡


I just returned from beautiful Borovets, Bulgaria! 🇧🇬 Filming for Udaya Entertainment and participating in the Udaya Live Yoga & Music Festival has reinforced I AM BOUNDLESS — I am indeed firmly grounded, yet free! Staying connected to Divine wisdom and guidance has filled each moment with grace, peace, joy, purpose, and love.♡


Trip Takeaways

✯ Eye contact and a smile transcend any language barrier.
✯ Meet new people wherever you are. Expand your circle.
✯ Help another person fulfill their dream by participating in it, and supporting them completely.
✯ Feel comfortable in your skin. Embrace imperfections with acceptance.
✯ Listen with full presence and attention. Someone may be sharing their story for the first time.
✯ Share tears, hold space, and give hugs to those who are hurting, expressing, seeking. In a safe and loving environment, human touch and connection are powerful.
✯ Share your belongings. Give them away. What is mine, is yours. It’s all from the Divine!
✯ Dance more. It feels SO good — therapy for body, mind, and spirit!
✯ Laughter is pure medicine.
✯ Mountain air at 10,000 feet is intoxicating!
✯ Bulgarian bees are beautifully plump and healthy.
✯ Try something new every day — new foods, activities, teachers, classes, experiences — this is how we grow.
✯ Always ask yourself, is this experience right for me in this moment? If not, honor and heed the wisdom and guidance received.
✯ Pace yourself. Aim for balance, steadiness, and ease.
✯ A relaxed attitude lengthens life! Go with the flow. Swim with the current.
✯ Take time to process. Find solitude. Reinforce memorable moments, teachings, and stirrings of the spirit.
✯ Music in all forms is truly magical. It vibrates every cell. It continues to resonate in the soul.
✯ Support local artists and vendors by purchasing their products and services.
✯ Be uniquely you, and shine bright always. Share your gifts and talents around the globe!
✯ Be open to what is next. “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” ~ Mary Oliver

“Flowing with the currents of change and dancing with creative impulse — feeling joy, pleasure, and tasting the sweetness of life. WHAT MOVES YOU? AND WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO LIFE?” ♡ ~ Cristi Christensen