Gift of Light 🌟

A long time ago, people thought the sun was leaving. Each day, the sun appeared for shorter times and climbed less and less into the sky. Fearing that it would stop its ascent and descend completely over the horizon and not come up at all, people celebrated the day of the Solstice, translated as the sun stood still. After that day, the sun began to climb ever so slowly into the sky and the days became longer. The light makes a stand against the dark and prevails. People all over the world celebrate light in many forms at this time of year. This season of great de-light is a time to remember the amazing Light that resides within and all around you. The light is most welcomed at this time of year when we are in our darkest days. As we hold it dear, it is a constant reminder of revelation. At any given moment the brightness of understanding will burst through; a ray of light relinquishes the darkness. Yes, the sun will return. Yes, the oil will remain lit. Yes, the Son is born. We light the candles and remember the miracle of this season. Light the night sky with your bright spirit; remember you are a miracle! May light-filled moments of wonder be yours this Holy-Days Season, and may you give the gift of your complete presence, your undivided attention and care to your loved ones.

Gift of Light Meditation

Breath easily and deeply and bring yourself into a centered, peaceful place. Imagine a magnificent light above your head and ask that it come down into your heart. An endless supply of warm, beautiful and supportive light now fills your heart. You may see it as a fireplace with burning logs, or a beautiful room with many candles. Visualize tremendous vitality, beauty and warmth within you. You have an unending supply of this energy and light. Acknowledge its power, majesty and expansiveness. Fill yourself with this light; every cell, every bone, thought and emotion is saturated with this eternal energy. See it. Feel it. Let it fill you. It is love. It is peace. And it is joy. Take as long as you’d like swimming in this amazing luster. When you are ready, prepare to offer your gift of abundant light to your loved ones. Visualize and feel the light from above you connecting into your heart and to your hands. Open your palms softly and outwardly. Your hands may feel warm. Offer light to your loved ones. Visualize them clearly. Offer light from your heart to theirs. As the light from your heart pours through them, notice that light begins to come down into the top of their head from someplace else. See them surrounded by you, surrounded by and filled with light and love. Their bodies are healthy, vibrant and beautiful. Their minds are expansive and calm. Peace flows through them offering them ease of heart. Wish them joy. Wish them good health. Wish them courage and abundance. Tell them whatever comes to you that is important to convey. Continue your blessings for them until you feel it is the right time to stop. Now release them gently. Leave them light-filled.

“There it was — the true Light [was then] coming into the world [the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light] that illumines every person.”

John 1:9 AMPC

“If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out; to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”

Mother Teresa