Rules To Relationships ♡

Jennifer Pastiloff, L.A. area yoga teacher and motivational speaker, wrote a blog entitled 10 Rules for Daily Living. She challenged her readers to think about their personal rules for daily life. Here is one of her favorite responses from a 14-year-old:

Don’t take things too seriously.
Make fun of yourself (but not too much!)
Sleep in sometimes.
ALWAYS have a dog.
Be nice to everybody because you never know who is going to be your next best friend.
Just don’t wear shoes sometimes.
Go on a trip somewhere at least every year.
Don’t look in the mirror too much!
Don’t spend too much money on one thing.
Sometimes it’s OK to just not want to talk to people.

We can gain wisdom from listening to youth! As we mature, our aim is to move from rules to relationships. Loving and trusting relationships filled with open and healthy communication develop people of unique, solid character, and humble confidence. What are your standards for daily living? What motivates you internally to live a life of purpose? Make all your moments matter by living meaningfully in this present moment.

Years ago, I asked both of my children to write down their 10 Rules for Daily Living and here are the responses from my then 10-year-old:

Be yourself.
Respect everybody.
Have a good attitude.
Express yourself.
Have fun.
Try not to be mean to your sister.
Be thankful.
Follow these rules.
Don’t be a party pooper!

Here are the responses from my then 8-year-old:

Give hugs to your siblings.
Help your mom and dad.
Be thankful for your food.
Be thankful for what God has made.
Be thankful for what your have.
Be thankful for a place to live.
Always trust in God.
Believe in yourself.
Be thankful for your family and friends.
Do not complain.

Here are my personal 10 (well, 11) Rules for Daily Living:

Always choose love. Try to live every moment with authentic love in your heart.
Be gentle and kind, to yourself, and to everyone you encounter.
Serve others unconditionally.
Express gratitude.
Breathe deeply, pray fervently, and meditate daily on inspiring Scripture.
Listen more, talk less.
Smile and laugh often. Cry when needed. Allow yourself to feel and experience emotion.
View everyday challenges as learning opportunities rather than obstacles.
Forgive and let go quickly.
Be your true self and trust your intuition.
Be present and make every moment an adventure…learn something new everyday!

I hope you will take time this week to create and write down your own standards that meaningfully motivate your daily thoughts and actions. Take the time to listen to the children and youth around you and gain wisdom from their insightful perspectives. Let’s move from rules to relationships. ♡

“A man of deep understanding will give good advice, drawing it out from the well within.” ~ Proverbs 20:5 TPT