5 Minute Reset ✭

Pause and take a deep breath…

On your next inhale, invite whatever you need in this moment — calm, peace, clarity, wisdom etc..

On the exhale, release any stress, care or worry.

Do this again. Inhale — take in what you need. Exhale — let go of what is no longer serving you.

And now, ask yourself the following questions to tune-in and reset. Are you needing wisdom for a particular situation? Or maybe, you just need to feel grounded and centered.

✭ What does your mind think?

✭ How does your heart feel?

✭ What is your body telling you?

✭ What does your gut instinct know?

Take a moment to listen.

Notice what shows up.

Pray or mediate on awarenesses and information received.

Come back to the breath, and set a motivating intention for the rest of your day. ❤︎