Your Soulful Book ❤️

If one of your dreams is to write a book that inspires others, then I highly recommend you sign up for Your Soulful Book, a brand-new heart-centered writing program that my friends Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck have created!

They’ve included everything you need to help you write, finish, and publish your own book: monthly live sessions, monthly workbooks, one-on-one time, a private Facebook community, tons of advice from experts, and so much more. It’s the extra motivation and encouragement you need to bring your writing to life!


You’ve already got the book inside you. Now it’s time to get it out of you…and into the world. Now is the time to share your gift, answer your calling, and write your book! Join the Your Soulful Book heart-centered writing program and do exactly that!

They’re offering a special discount this month, too, so it’s a perfect time to sign up! Click HERE to learn all about it.

How cool will it be to hold your finished book in your hands next year? What a dream come true that will be! ❤️

So much love & inspiration your way,
~ Heather