How are you reNEWing? What breakthrough are you looking for?

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Springtime is the season of reNEWal ‚ÄĒ abundant life awakens and is displayed all around us ‚ÄĒ the warm sun, blooming flowers, birds chirping in song, change in the air. It is the perfect time to BREAK THROUGH OUR BLOCKS. ‚ÄúSometimes we‚Äôre so blocked in a particular area we don‚Äôt even consider a breakthrough a possibility. We‚Äôre so blocked we don‚Äôt even see our blocks. Stay open. Don‚Äôt limit yourself. Something that yesterday seemed entirely unfeasible and forever beyond your grasp may tomorrow, next month, next year ‚ÄĒ or today ‚ÄĒ become something you can do naturally, something that‚Äôs available to you. It can come as a total surprise, in an area you hadn‚Äôt considered. Your breakthrough may happen in an area you‚Äôve been struggling with and working on.‚ÄĚ ~ Melody Beattie

How are you reNEWing? What breakthrough are you looking for?

Life is more than setbacks, and it’s…

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